The School of Performing Arts studio is a 3,500 square-foot studio facility consisting of nine acoustically isolated rooms with varying characteristics, including multiple rooms designed for acoustic recording, a large control room and classroom offering stereo/surround monitoring and projection capabilities, a Sony DMX-R100 digital mixing console, and a second smaller control room and classroom with its own acoustical isolation booth and additional computer workstations for audio composition, recording, mixing, mastering, digital video, interactive multimedia, and DVD-Video and DVD-Audio authoring.

The recording rooms are complimented by a 1988 Yamaha CF III concert grand piano, Gretch drums, a Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 electric piano, and various analog, digital, and software-based synthesizers, samplers, and effect processors. Both control rooms employ Metric Halo ULN-8 systems for microphone preamplification, digital audio conversion, and processing, as well as a variety of digital audio workstations such as Logic Pro, ProTools, and Sonic Studio soundBlade HD.

The studio microphones available include a variety of large and small diaphragm condenser, tube, ribbon, and dynamic microphones from manufacturers such as AKG, Neumann, Earthworks, Royer, Soundfield, Peluso Labs, Audix, Sennheiser, and Shure. In addition, there are HD video cameras such as the Sony HD FX-1, Canon 5D Mark III with multiple lenses, Ikan LED lights, shotgun microphones, and Sound Devices field recorders for videography. Location recording options include 8-48 channel multitrack systems as well as Soundfield MK-V ambisonics recording for capturing three-dimensional, fully immersive acoustical events for production into traditional stereo, multichannel, and even periphonic audio.

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